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Coming Back – Four More New Sites Posted

November 24, 2017

Benjamin Minnich

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Benjamin Minnich

I am developer / designer working in the blue-collar town of Toledo, Ohio.

The List of Design is actually only run by one developer and that is me, Benjamin Minnich. During the last month I was extremely busy with full-time work and various other projects that kept me away from updating this site, but I am back and determined to post at least one website design a day.

I am also going to be getting the Newsletter up and running as well as putting the final touches on all the social media profiles for The List of Design. Currently right now if you go the Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts for The List of Design they are all barren. This weekend I will finish those up.

The site will also be finished and a responsive design implemented so you can get to all the designs from your mobile device. I designed this site desktop first because I wanted to get the desktop layout correct that allows the site designs to show instead of the design of this site, but with more traffic every day coming from smaller screens I have been motivated to ensure mobile devices get some love.

I have also posted 4 new website designs and let me say, they are striking. From beautifully designed Creative Agencies to a modest but similarly beautiful no-frills Personal Site they are all here:

Rupert Bevan HomePage
[fig 001] Rupert Bevan HomePage
Less + More Home
[fig 002] Less+More HomePage
Kyle Thacker Home
[fig 003] Kyle Thacker HomePage
Yale Environment 360 Home
[fig 004] Yale Environment 360 HomePage

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