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  • Sep 17, 2017

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Mission Statement

The List of Design was created with one single goal, and that was to provide a list of some of the best designed websites across the internet into one place. Whether they be designed with elegance or driven by strong typography you will find every conceivable design within these pages as well as what was used to craft these functional pieces of art.

More About Us

I started The List of Design to collect and aggregate stunning website designs across the internet in the Fall of 2017. I always loved site galleries where I could go and ogle over amazing website designs. Site galleries had and still have a profound footprint on my work. I sit every morning and go through many of the curated site galleries still up and running across the internet.

I will post a site (maybe two) a day and showcase the main parts of that site, from the type, the colors, the fonts, the Content Management System (if used), and the ingredients of the site. With all those tags accessible for you to find the exact inspiration you are looking for. I also have a Resource area that I will collect the best resources around the web in one place for anyone to use as a launch pad to find more Content Management Systems, Web Tools, other inspirational design galleries, and more.

I hope The List of Design becomes a source of inspiration for either the veteran designer and developer or the up-and-comer designer and developer.

Mobile site coming Winter 2017.

– Benjamin Minnich, The Editor

From Our Blog

November 24, 2017

Coming Back – Four More New Sites Posted

The Editor

The Editor

A monthly update I will be doing to keep myself pushed to update this site.


September 17, 2017

A New Web Site Gallery

The Editor

The Editor

Welcome to The List of Design.